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The first demi-permanent hair colour with IntraLipid that not only protects the hair but even repairs the hair structure. Includes hair colors such as blonde, brown, copper, red and silver.

Product information


IntraLipid Technology:

  • +35% improved hair structure (With IntraLipid)
  • The repair innovation for a new colour feeling
  • Perfect hair protection
  • Durable regeneration of the hair structure: lipid levels are effectively recharged.

For Unlimited Possibilities:

  • Enhancement natural colour
  • Expressive fashion shades
  • Refreshment of coloured bases
  • Grey coverage of up to 50% 

The Red Collection:

From gleaming coppers to deep violets, red hair is now a spectrum that covers shades from blondes to brunettes. The Red Collection comes with the latest innovations for Topchic and Colorance – the new @Elumenated shades. The existing @Elumenated Technology which is based on oxidative hair spiced up with a layer of multi-shine direct dye reflections is now expanded by a whole colour spectrum of red, brown and blonde with a red spark. The result: nine amazing shades with crackling intensity and fire, outstanding shine and reliable grey coverage.

New Colorance Pastels:

  • Create beautiful, fashionable pastel colour effects that show soft, gradual fading 
  • Perfectly suited for pre-lightened hair due to IntraLipid and pH-balanced technology 
  • Ready to use shades for quick and easy usage 

New & Improved Colorance Lowlights:

  • Create natural looking blonde looks and give back dimension to over-highlighted hair 
  • Durable and reliable results due to the established Integrated Pre-Pigmentation System (IPP System) for a simple one-step colour process 
  • Ready to use shades in refined colour directions for more intuitive usage.

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